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Aniblog Tourney Opening Soon

Posted by Author | Anime Review, Blog stuff, Manga Review, Rakuen, Scamp, aniblog, tournament | Saturday 17 April 2010 3:43 pm

About 3 weeks ago, Scamp had the grand idea to start an anime blog tournament.  Unlike the now defunct Otaku Elimination Game, this tournament is meant to be a for-fun popular vote to see which blog reigns supreme.  It should also give some attention to blogs people would normally pass over without any attention.  Scamp outlines all the details in this post, so read it and then subscribe to the tourney blog on your reader of choice so you can participate more easily.  Borderline Hikikomori is in this as well, and we have a first round bye.  We will go up against the winner of Jinx and 2DT.  I can’t speak for the former much, but I love 2DT’s blog, and it’s even on BH’s link page.  So, go check out those blogs and be ready to vote.  The tournament should open in 2 days!

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